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 Fall 2021 Courses 

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What We Offer

7EDU offers personalized, well-rounded services to our students, including developing effective study habits and critical thinking and problem-solving skills, test prep strategies, grade improvement plans, academic consultation, college preparation, and so many more!

K-12 Academic Support

Provide the best quality online education to students worldwide through highly specialized teachers and technology platforms.

Test Prep

A selective group of well-established test prep instructors will train students with full test prep tactics to achieve optimal results. 


School Applications 

Optimize your 4-year-high-school planning to be more competitive for top university applications. Both university application and private high school application support are available here.

College Counseling

Designed for families who would like to have the collaboration of professionals experienced in the complex college application process.

All-in-one Package

A customized package for students in grades 9-12, providing quality services in academic advising, extracurricular activity enrichment & college application counseling. 

Research  Mentorship

Increase your uniqueness and competency during your college application. Locate your interest spot and differentiate yourself from the others.

Our Mission

To provide the best quality online education to students worldwide through highly specialized teachers and technology platforms. For success in academics and beyond, our foremost goal is to guide and support our students through all types of challenges, preparing them to exceed their current capabilities.

4 Ways to Learn

1-on-1 Tutoring

Personalize the class content to accommodate the students' need by maximizing their productivity. 

Small Group Classes

The restriction of 12 students allows our teacher to give every single student the attention to optimize their learning experiences.

 Self-paced Study

Proceed with your own pace, maximize the learning result with a further approach.

VIP Full Package

We utilize the entire team of teachers, counselors, and administrators to support each of our students.

College Acceptance Results

scored 32+ ACT
scored 1500+ SAT
placed 99th percentile
100 points improved
on SAT average

Meet Our Teachers

Student can maximize his/her full potential with strong academic and psychological support. Experts have more than ten years of teaching and consulting experience in the education field. We aim to personalize the learning experience for each student's success.

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