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"For success in academics and beyond, our foremost goal is to guide and support our students through all types of challenges, preparing them to exceed their current capabilities."
                                           - Jun Liu. Founder of 7EDU



of our students
100 Points On SAT After Learning With 7EDU

Schools our students got admitted into

Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Duke, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Brown, Princeton, Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, Columbia University, New York University, University of Southern California, University of Michigan, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, University of Illinois at Chicago, Northeastern etc.
32+ ACT
1500+ SAT
99th percentile

Online Or Onsite

Learn At Your Own Pace

Carefully review whenever you like. You may watch the review test prep course materials as many times as needed since it is saved to the cloud.

Join Anytime, Anywhere

We create a class schedule that can be incorporated into your busy schedule. Also it saves your time and the cost of commuting!

 Enhanced Class
Discussion & Interaction

We maximize the engagement of every student through different communication features (live chat & emails ) that fit students with different personalities and preferences.

How We Differ


We are a team of highly qualified educators, the experts you can not find anywhere else.

Not only are our teachers' alumni of prestigious schools, they are also experts in the education field with more than 10 years of teaching and consulting experience. Many of our instructors hold Ph.D. degrees and have completed post-doctoral work at  America’s top-tier universities. In addition, we strive to develop strong relationships with our students to promote the optimal learning experience and help them reach their fullest potentials.


We use exclusive, top-notch teaching materials only available at 7EDU.

Based on our extensive knowledge of the SAT/ACT, we have developed proven test prep strategies which students will employ to maximize their performance on the SAT/ACT. With access to a large collection of practice questions, our instructors provide our students with ample practice opportunities. Here at 7EDU, students will see the test questions in a different perspective and will learn the most efficient way to study with our test prep strategies.


We know the latest trends regarding the American educational system

Scores and grades are not everything. In America, college admission policies and standards change frequently, but with our strong network and industry experts’ insights, we can adapt quickly to the slightest change and give our students the advantage over their peers.


We integrate Eastern test-taking strategies with American Western education philosophy.

Chinese education culture is famous for its effective test-taking strategies, while American education is known for creativity and individualism. Our students will mindfully and attentively learn test-taking strategies without mindless practices. Here at 7EDU, we guide students to study “smarter” when taking the tests yet to be “unique” in their college planning. With our guidance, our students have a higher chance of getting into their dream schools. 


We provide our students with a strong support system as they work towards their goals

From their first day in high school until the day they receive that long-awaited admission letter, 7EDU will be there to offer the best guidance along the way. 7EDU offers personalized, well-rounded services including the development of effective study habits and test prep, grade improvement plans, academic consultation, college preparation and so many more!

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