Advanced Critical Reading & Writing

The purpose of this reading course is to enrich student reading and critical-thinking skills. Students will go beyond just basic reading comprehension and engage in analysis of a complex text and its style, messaging, and implications. In other words, this class is designed for students who not only can analyze plot and characters but also identify explicit and implicit themes and real-world meanings that extend beyond a text. Students will become familiar with some of the terms and concepts normally found in Advanced Placement (AP) Exams or International Baccalaureate (IB)  programs.

  • 6 Lessons, 1 Hour and 30 minutes/Lesson



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​Target Students

High/Upper School (8th and 9th grade) 

Learner Outcomes
  • Define and recognize academic language surrounding literary techniques and rhetorical devices

  • Write a structured analytical, expository essay

  • Analyze and understand character development, character motive, and character impact on a story

  • Define, recognize, and engage in the 3 different levels of critical-thinking

  • Identify and explain an author’s craft or use of certain literary techniques to enhance the story

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Darius W.
Date & Time (PST)

9/7 - 10/12

Every Saturday 

1PM - 2:30PM

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