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March 21 - May 2, 2020

(Every Saturday)

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AP Physics 1

Comprehensive Boost 

Aims to most effectively prepare students to succeed in the upcoming AP Physics 1 test. The first 4 sessions of the class focus on reviewing important big ideas covered in the Physics 1 exam, including Kinematics, Forces and Motion, Gravitation, Impulse-Momentum, Energy, Rotational Motion including Torque and Angular Momentum; Electricity and Circuits; Waves, Sound, and Simple Harmonic Motion. In the last 4 sessions, students will practice with real or official AP Physics 1 practice tests under strict timing on each section. After each mock test, we will provide a thorough review of the test as well as teach strategies on how to solve problems quickly and accurately.

Target Student:

  • Students who have taken or are concurrently taking AP Physics 1 or an equivalent course.

  • Students who need a final boost, and shoot for the full score.

Course includes:

  • Core curriculum development

  • Mock tests

  • Strategical reviews 

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