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AP Physics 1 Recording

This course offers a comprehensive review of Physics concepts and skills that are required for a student to demonstrate on the AP Physics 1 Exam.


The course will emphasize conceptual understanding of every topic covered in the exam including Kinematics, Forces and Motion, Gravitation, Impulse-Momentum, Energy, Rotational Motion including Torque and Angular Momentum; Electricity and Circuits; Waves; Sounds, and Simple Harmonic Motion.


This course will familiarize students with specific question types unique to the AP Physics 1 exam such as ranking tasks and help earners master strategies to overcome one of the most challenging AP exams.

Target Student:

  • Students who have taken or are concurrently taking AP Physics 1 or an equivalent course.

Course includes:

  • Core topic content development


  • 24 hours total

  • 12 sessions, 2 hours per session

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