Basic Critical Reading & Writing

The purpose of this course is to build and or reinforce fundamental reading skills and habits in order for students to engage with varying degrees of complex literature as well as become independent readers and thinkers. Specifically, students will practice analyzing basic plot elements, themes, and character development based on close readings and annotation of short stories. In other words, this course provides students the opportunity to build prerequisite reading, thinking, and writing skills to prepare for high school standardized testing and high school-level literature courses. During each of the four courses, students will be responsible for reading various short stories for homework, developing reading questions, writing literary commentary, and explaining their thought-process when analyzing a text. In doing so, students will learn basic academic language and skills surrounding literary analysis. 


  • 6 Lessons, 1 Hour/Lesson



*By completing the enrollment process, the student acknowledges the receipt of the 7EDU Class Policy and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions included therein as defined by 7EDU.

​Target Students

5th through 7th Grade 


Learner Outcome
  • Define and recognize academic language surrounding basic literary techniques draw conclusions and develop arguments based on sound textual evidence

  • Write a structured analytical, expository body paragraph

  • Analyze and understand character development, character motive, and character impact on a story

  • Define and recognize the 3 levels of critical-thinking

  • Develop reading questions to focus their reading and guide their thinking while reading

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Darius W.
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9/7 - 10/12,

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10AM - 11AM 

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