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Critical Reading & Writing Level 4 

Skills for Succeeding on Standardized Tests & in College

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[11/4 - 12/16 (no class on 11/27)] Wed, Fri

4:00pm - 5:00pm

L4 Honors

[11/2 - 2/1 no class on 12/21, 12/28]

Monday 4 -5pm

The Critical Reading and Writing Level 4 classes are designed with high-school students specifically in mind. The course is aimed at instructing students in advanced reading, writing, and analytical abilities. Students will read a variety of literature, including fiction and nonfiction, that covers a range of historical periods and topics.  Students will learn how to make explicit and inferential interpretations from a text, synthesize information, and identify how discrete details or writing techniques contribute to the overall meaning of a work. There will be a focus on academic writing, and students will be asked to complete three different kinds of analytical essays that are appropriate for advanced placement or collegiate writing. Especially during a time of remote learning in schools, this course’s purpose is to provide students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum that will supplement their high school courses.

Target Student Grade:

Grades 9-10

Students should be prepared to complete a few homework assignments.

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