Critical Reading & Writing Level 6 | G9-10

Skills for Succeeding on Standardized Tests & in College


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[1/9 - 5/22]


4 - 5 PM

The Critical Reading and Writing series is a long-term course plan targeted towards students ranging from grades 3 to 9. The aim of this course is to instruct students in the foundational skills needed to succeed on both standardized tests and collegiate-level writing courses. Students will participate in weekly reading and writing courses. Of the former, students will cover a variety of passage types, ranging from Literature to Science, and learn how to read efficiently, accurately, and draw reasonable interpretations from the text. Of the latter, students will complete grammar lessons before transitioning to completing expository and argumentative essays, thus honing their analytical skills. Students will progress through three different levels, engaging with texts that increase in complexity and difficulty, ultimately achieving mastery over foundational reading and writing abilities. 


Moreover, students will learn and read from a malleable source that is capable of adjusting to the student’s reading levels. This mitigates the risk of students engaging with texts that are far above or far below their reading comprehension level. By the end of the series, students should be fully equipped with the foundational skills necessary to succeed in the SAT and upper-level writing courses.

Level 5 (G7-8)

Readers at this level will focus on breaking complex arguments and sentences into simpler components. We will also focus on rhetorical analysis and higher-level interpretation questions, as well as reading efficiently. Articles will be longer and more complex in structure. Readers will also build a more sophisticated vocabulary during each reading session.


For writers at this level, the course will focus on writing rhetorical analysis essays.

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