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7EDU is a one-stop education academy that helps students to gain admission into their dream schools.

We are a team of experts who guide students to reach their fullest potential. With our test prep strategies and guidance, many students have not only achieved perfect or near-perfect standardized test scores but have also developed self-confidence in their own unique competence.

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Online Instructor

Advanced High School level instructor, comfortable teaching all levels of Math courses from Algebra to Calculus.


Advanced High School level instructor, comfortable teaching English courses relevant to the ACT/SAT/AP standards.


Advanced High School level instructor, comfortable teaching Science courses such as Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.



College Admissions

Experienced college admissions counselor who will be responsible for proofreading our student’s college application essays and giving constructive feedback.

Essay Editor

Experienced college admissions counselor with a strong educational background who will help our students develop a complete plan and guide them through every step of the college application process.



A marketing professional who will assist the team in managing our social media profiles, email marketing, and creating new marketing strategies.

Marketing Coordinator

Operations professional responsible for scheduling classes, responding to general inquiries regarding policies and classes and grading student practice exams.

Operations Coordinator

Contact potential and existing clients and monitor all aspects of the sales pipeline.

Enrollment Manager

Please Email Your Resume & Cover Letter To 

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