AP Chemistry


Boost Camp

Boost Camp



The AP Chemistry Boost class aims to simulate real test-taking conditions for students by giving them opportunities to practice with real or official AP Chemistry practice tests under strict timing on each section. After each mock test, we will provide thorough review of the test as well as teach strategies of how to solve problems quickly and accurately.

Target Students

Students who have taken or are concurrently taking AP Chemistry (or an equivalent college-level General Chemistry course).

Students who need a final boost, and shoot for full score.

*By completing the enrollment process, the student acknowledges the receipt of the 7EDU Class Policy and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions included therein as defined by 7EDU.

<img src="mbassey" alt="mary bassey 7edu teacher">
Mary B.
Date & Time

4/13 - 5/4


If our current time schedule doesn't work for you

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