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Our program is for parents and students who would like to have the collaboration of professionals experienced in the complex college application process from as early as freshman year of high school.


We offer counseling to students who are taking the traditional academic route as well as those applying to professional schools.

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Our Mission Is To Help Students Become

More Than What They Can Be


The college application process is not simply filling out a form and sending in transcripts. It is a complex process that requires long-term planning. Our counselors will help you navigate through all the steps and areas required to give you the best chances at colleges that are most suited to your needs and capabilities.


In addition to test prep, we counsel students about academic course selection. Choosing the right courses to take at high school will help set up the foundation of knowledge necessary for higher levels of inquiry in college. Knowing which courses to take, and when to take them, is also a key component of achieving the optimum GPA you can reach for.


With extra-curricular activities being an important part of the college application, we pride ourselves on matching students with opportunities. Together with students and their parents, we explore options available, customizing these opportunities to suit each student's interests and abilities.


The college essay is what we pride ourselves on. Knowing its critical role in the admissions process, we brainstorm for essay ideas with students and parents so as to create the most unique essay that presents each student's best stories.

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