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8/11 - 8/27

 Tue, Thurs

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

3W Critical Reading for Kindergarten

The purpose of this reading course is to practice reading aloud and making evidence-
based inferences (draw conclusions). This one-hour course will require students to read full multi-paragraph stories, ask critical questions, and identify critical words or details in a passage in order to show reading comprehension. During class, students will engage in active listening as the teacher and students read stories together. Also, during class, students will be reading aloud in front of their peers as well.
Specifically, students will practice analyzing plot elements, themes, and character development based on close readings and annotation of short stories. In other words, this course provides students the opportunity to build prerequisite reading, thinking, and writing skills to prepare for high school standardized testing and high school-level literature courses. In doing so, students will learn basic academic language and skills surrounding literary analysis.

Target Student Grade: Kindergarten

*By completing the enrollment process, the student acknowledges the receipt of the 7EDU Class Policy and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions included therein as defined by 7EDU.

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