Exceed your current capabilities. Our full support will help your student maximize their potential and succeed in their goals. 

Students in 9th - 12th Grade

7EDU's Full Package Program helps students find their passion, enter their dream schools, and fully embrace the opportunities in their lives. We aim to improve results on nearly all standardized tests, including SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP, ISEE, SSAT, and TOEFL. 

Expert Academic Advisor Team

Students enrolled in our Full Support Program will receive guidance from a team of top-notch academic instructors, well-established professors, and expert counselors.

Get ready for fully immersive counseling that will help you achieve the dream results you desire.

Personalized and Exclusive To You

With a limited amount of spots available for 7EDU's Full Support Program, each of our students receives 100% of our educators' attention and comprehensive support. You will also have priority access to exclusive resources and educational opportunities to participate in prestigious academic researches and internships.


Diagnostic Consultation & Setting Objectives

Our mentors and counselors utilize an MBTI personality test to help us define your career direction, understand academic weaknesses and strengths, set goals and priorities, and determine a personalized course of action for scholastic success.

Full-Course College Guidance 

We help your student strategically plan their college admissions process by creating a tailored blueprint for their academic future. Using an MBTI personality test, 7EDU career advisors analyze your learning abilities, determine what courses are right for you, ensure that you are participating in the suitable extracurriculars, and provide an effective curriculum program that guarantees admission success. 

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