9/12 - 11/28


5pm - 6:30pm PST

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Java USACO Bronze

Course Description

Computer scinece has greatly changed our society. Learning algorithms has become a key important capability for next generation technical genius, if you go for the reason why those IT giants succeed, like Google, Facebook and Amazon. That's the major goal of USACO competition. Joining USACO, students will learn all levels of algorithms, quickly improving their problem solving skills, and equipt them with the capability to solve complicate and challenging problems utilizing the power of algorithms. The USACO competition has four levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The Bronze level is for students who master Java basics and have strong math skills. They will learn how to tackle and debug problems with mostly brute force or greedy algorithm approaches. Our course is designed to step by step, from easy to hard, gradually direct students to enter the competitive programming world. To be frank, learning algorithm is really challenging and excited. Our teacher have years of experience in USACO and got the platinum level. Our goal is to inspire students enthusiasm to love competitive programming.

​Class Time

9/12 - 11/28


5pm - 6:30pm PST

Course Prerequisite

Grade: G7 - G12
Typing Speed: 30 wpm
Hardware:  2-cores CPU, 4G memory
Software:  PC/Mac/Linux, Java 8 or above, Intellij IDEA Community Version
Coding Experience: complete Java basics/introductory course or have at least 4 months Java learning experience

Course Objectives

File Read/Write
Nested Arrays

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