We are a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and mentors who believe that with strong academic and psychological support,  every student can maximize his/her full potential. 
<img src="" alt="jun liu ceo of 7edu teacher">
Jun Liu
<img src="johnnieman.jpg at="dr. john nieman 7edu">
Dr. John N.
<img src="lucianlu.jpg" alt="dr. lucian lu 7edu teache">
Dr. Lucian L.
<img src="dariuwhite.jpg" alt="darius white 7edu teacher">
Darius W.
<img src="brianwei.jpg" alt="brian wei 7edu teacher">
Brian W.
<img src="mbassey" alt="mary bassey 7edu teacher">
Mary B.
Phyo H.
Liang Xu Pic.jpg
Liang X.
<img src="yanliu.jpg" alt="dr. yan lieu 7edu">
Dr. Yan Liu
<img src="sarahtrask" alt="sarah-ann trask j.d. 7edu teacher">
Sarah-Ann T. J.D.
<img src="robertjing.jpg" alt="dr. robert jing 7ed teacher">
Dr. Robert J.
<img src="martinkatz.jpg" alt="martin katz 7edu teacher"
​Martin K.
Lisa Adams.JPG
Lisa A.
Collin Profile Pic.jpg
Collin R.
<img src="adamlevey.jpg" alt="adam levey 7edu teacher">
Adam L.
Daniel Krall
Daniel K.
<img src="shuhonglin.jpg" alt="dr. shuhoglin 7edu">
Dr. Shuhong L.
<img src="jessicasong.jpg" alt="dr. jessica song 7edu teacher">
Dr. Jessica S.
<img src="emilyle.jpg" at="dr. emily le 7edu teacher">
​Emily L.
Aimee Q.
<img src="ceciliacao.jpg" alt="dr. cecila cao 7edu teacher">
Dr. Cecilia C.
Vicente Pagan.jpg
Vicente P.
Andre Lawe3-01-01.jpg
Dr. Andre L.
And more!
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