Top 12 List for SAT Reading

During our free online public class last Saturday evening with our guest Speaker, 7EDU Educator Rui shared with you:

During our open classes, many students (as well as their parents) often ask us what books we recommend picking up when preparing for SAT reading? While Rui answered many of these questions during his webinar (See the recording at the bottom of the page - he answers many questions!) The question is not easy - but neither is preparing for the exam! We always believe in studying smart and strategically, as everybody learns differently.

Last Week's (6/13/2020) "SAT Reading: Redesigned" Open Class Recording

As our Rui mentioned, there are no specific shortcuts to truly prepare oneself for the Reading portion of the exam - the best and most assured route for success points to one direction - reading every single day.

Thus, the 7EDU team will share the book list with everyone - hopefully to provide some directions for parents and children on where to begin with literature.

01 The Feminine Mystique

02 The world to 1500 -A Global History

03 The Federalist Papers

04 On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

05 Declaration of Independence

06 Booker T. Washington Speech

07 The Dandelion Girl

08 The Color Purple

09 How To Read Literature Like A Professor

10 Animal Farm

11 The Great Gatsby

12 US History for Dummies

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