[7EDU X Dr. Chris] Exploring the Story and Science of Isaac Newton





Saturday 4:00pm - 5:30pm  (PST)


Instructor:Dr. Chris & Wade Fairclough


Course Description:


Recommended by Mark Zuckerber, Dr. Chris Ferrie is a best-selling author for elementary science literature, a senior lecturer from the University of Technology Sydney, and the brilliant creator of this STEAM course curriculum, which influenced thousands of students in their science knowledge journey, including Mark’s daughter. 


Dr Chris’s STEAM Club covers all the fundamental aspects of classical Newtonian physics, including Newton's three laws, acceleration, kinetic and potential energy, friction, gravity, and more to provide children with a solid foundation in physics. Throughout the course, students will not only learn the basic knowledge of Newtonian Physics, but also cultivate a genuine interest in the world of science.


This class is carefully designed with a series of experiments to illustrate reasoning from First Principles, guiding  students to think critically using the Scientific Method throughout the duration of the course.


Course Highlights: 


  • A scientific discovery class designed for younger elementary school children (Ages 4 - 9).

  • Live, interactive instruction using state-of-the-art curriculum & learning materials with a world class instructor. 

  • Exploring the scientific world while cultivating foundational knowledge in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) 

  • Stimulating the potential of hand-brain interaction & exercising practical ability

  • For the kids to have fun learning through engaging project-based activities & experiments


[7EDU X Dr. Chris] Exploring the Story and Science of Isaac Newton

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