CRW X'Mas Camp (G6-8)


[12/19 ~ 12/23]

Daily 1:00 - 2:30 pm (PST)


Grades: G6-8



This course aims to prepare students for upper-level English courses and standardized tests such as the PSAT and SAT. Students will build the foundational skills required to comprehend, interpret, and analyze challenging texts that cover a variety of subjects. Additionally, students will complete rhetorical analysis essays, literary analysis essays -- in short, hone their abilities to write analytically. Moreover, students will be asked to read a repertoire of short stories and nonfiction excerpts that form the basis of Western philosophical thought and humanities studies.


Readers at this level will focus on breaking down complex arguments into simpler components, and be able to discern the main argument of a passage. Students will learn how to make reasonable interpretations of a text, close read lines for theme and purpose, and analyze the arguments that compose a passage. 


Writers at this level will focus on mastering rhetorical analysis essays. This entails identifying the rhetorical devices an author uses, how it supports the author’s argument, and how it persuades the reader. Writers will also complete literary analysis essays, covering both prose and poetry passages.




CRW X'Mas Camp (G6-8)

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