[Jul. Weekend] Summer - SAT Mock Test Strategy and Review (Package)


July 11- August 22, 2021


Sat: 9AM - 1PM (PST) Mock Test
Sat: 2:30-5:30PM (PST) Mock Test Review








The SAT mock test and strategy class aims to simulate real test-taking conditions for students by giving them opportunities to practice with real or near-real past SAT tests under strict timing on each section. After each mock test, we will provide a thorough review of the test as well as teach strategies of how to solve problems quickly and accurately.


We have 2 levels of mock test strategy and review class--the 1500+ level and the regular level. The 1500+ mock test class is for students whose diagnostic test scores are around 1500, whereas the regular one is the most economic class for students who start from 1300+ in the diagnostic test.

Course Highlights

All instructors have more than 10 years of teaching experience
Real tests under near-real test environment
Students will learn test strategies as well as content knowledge
Live interaction between instructors and students
Individual feedback on students’ progress
Timely communication between instructors, teaching assistants, students, and parents
All classes are recorded and students can access class recordings upon request


Target Learners: Students who plan to take the real test in less than 3 months.

Course includes:

  • 7 Mock tests 
  • Strategical reviews

[Jul. Weekend] Summer - SAT Mock Test Strategy and Review (Package)

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