Kids Science Club - Fun Experiments with Water (G3 - G5)


Class Schedule: 12/5, 12/12, 12/19

Saturday 3:00pm- 3:45pm(PST)


Kids Age: G3 - G5 

Water is essential for everything we do in life - from cooking, drinking, showering, even playing! In this series of fun experiments, we will discover interesting properties of water and how we can use it to create colorful art projects, optical illusions, and magic tricks. 



Class 1 - The Science Behind The Perfect Water Bottle Flip


Have you ever wondered how to land a water bottle flip almost every time? Do you want to impress your friends? In this activity we will examine what amount of water makes for the perfect flip! We will also discuss percentages, fractions, angular momentum, and scientific data recording.


Class 2 - Optical Illusions and Light Refraction


Have you ever noticed objects in water look different when they are in water? Today, we will talk about how water causes optical illusions that look like magic!


Class 3 - Rising Water and Self-Filling Balloons


Have you ever seen water rise on its own to fill a glass? In today’s experiment we’ll light a candle to see water rise like magic! Then, we’ll use the same principles to blow up a balloon using only water!



Kids Science Club - Fun Experiments with Water (G3 - G5)

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