[L5] English Foundation Developing Readers (G1- G2)


[2/2 - 4/8]

T/Th 4:30 - 5:15 pm (PST) 



Before children learn to read and write, they must build up core English skills that form the foundation of their ability to recognize and produce text. Children must first learn to read before they can read to learn; and building reading ability can be challenging at first, but it will ultimately build that strong reading foundation. A love for reading early on can establish student success through school and beyond. Our English Foundation course incorporates proven early childhood education practices, reading skill acquisition theory, and Common Core standards to ensure students build a strong sense of the English language. Students who complete every level in our English Foundation course can expect to have a strong sense of alphabet recognition, phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, and a basic level of textual understanding.


Level 5 Developing Readers

G1-G2 (30 classes)


By the end of the final level of our English Foundation course, students will read using rules of pronunciation, pronounce alternative graphemes, finalize their recognition of sight words and word families, and demonstrate an understanding of the simple text.



Description: By the end of the third level of our English Foundation course, students will start to pronounce blend and digraph sounds, continue writing alphabet letters independently, and recognize several common sight words



  • Educational materials evaluated and used from several sources to ensure highest quality reading education
  • Inclusion of games and other fun activities to build passion for reading and learning
  • Knowledgeable teachers who know how to engage very young students
  • Lessons based on Kindergarten and elementary school Common Core standards to guarantee learning is relevant and leads to future school success
  • We regularly revisit previously learned skills to ensure knowledge retention

[L5] English Foundation Developing Readers (G1- G2)

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