Personalized Support

7EDU provides a personlized learning experience through one-on-one sessions on the subject(s) of your choice. Through one-on-one class sessions, our teachers will design a customized study plan based on the student's situation, needs and goals. Students will get customized practice sets, mistake analysis, after-class student progress monitoring as well as feedback to parents. Students can also enjoy the flexibility in scheduling classes according to their availabilities.


All of our instructors have a passion for teaching and value their supporting task in leading individual learners toward their dream colleges. 


Distinguished: Reputable 7EDU instructors with limited availability due to high demand. 

  • Jun Liu
  • Dr. Yan
  • Dr. John N. 


    Masters: Highly experienced 7EDU teachers with, on average, over ten years of instructional experience. 

    Personalized Support

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