Pre-Algebra 4


[Jan 9 - Feb 27, 2021]

10:00 - 11:30 AM (PST)


Course Overview


Without a solid foundation in pre-algebra, students may suffer academically when they take upper level math courses. In addition, pre-algebra is a very important topic in middle-school math competitions (such as AMC 8, MathCounts, and MOEMS) and even tested in high-school standardized tests (SAT math, ACT math, and SAT math 2). The prealgebra 4 class is a part of our pre-algebra series, covering important topics for G6/7 students, particularly Data and Statistics, Counting, and Problem Solving Strategies . More importantly, we will learn those topics at a much deeper level than what students do at a typical classroom.


Class Materials


We will use Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)’s Prealgebra book. The problems in the book are unconventional and relatively more challenging than the everyday math questions you encounter at school. However, you can learn best and appreciate the fun in math more by solving these thinking-provoking questions.

Pre-Algebra 4

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