SSAT 1-On-1

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is an admissions exam used by private and independent schools for grades 3-11. It includes three major levels: elementary, middle, and upper. Within all levels contains four sections (a total of 170 questions) and one unscored essay promp. The SSAT examination requires students to spend approximately two hours and fifty-five minutes. 


The test material varies depending on your student's grade level, however, all exams involve an unscored essay portion that will be sent to the school(s) where you are applying. 

  • Elementary Level: Grades 3-4
  • Lower Level: Grades 5-7
  • Upper Level: Grades 8-11


This SSAT One-on-One Course is ideal for: Students applying to private or independent school(s) that require SSAT testing as a part of their enrollment.


With 7EDU's SSAT One-On-one course, students receive an education plan tailored to meet their individual academic needs and personal schedules.


Contact us to get started on your 1-on-1 study plan: 408-216-9109.

SSAT 1-On-1

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