STEM Research Methods for Middle Schoolers (G6-8) Session 2 (B)


Jan 11 - Apr 26


Course Overview

As children grow up in an increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced world, they need to be scientifically literate to succeed. Teaching scientific methods to students is teaching them how to think, solve problems, make informed decisions, and learn. These skills are integral to every aspect of a student’s education and life, from school to career. 

The STEM research method class has two sessions. In the first session, students will work on hands-on projects in teams and learn the entire research process, including how to define a research problem, conduct a literature research, design an experiment, collect data, analyze data, and draw conclusions. In the second session, students will apply the knowledge gained in the first session to participate in selected science competitions.


Course Duration

  • individual project guidance
  • 16 weeks with 30-min each person


Course Highlights

  • Hands-on research experience with senior engineers

  • Foster creativity and learning through working on interdisciplinary projects

  • Develop teamwork and problem-solving skills

  • Improve communication and presentation skills in a supportive environment

  • Opportunity to participate in STEM competitions and win awards

STEM Research Methods for Middle Schoolers (G6-8) Session 2 (B)

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