8/17 - 8/28
 Mon - Fri

12pm - 1:30pm

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Python Coding I Summer Camp

Course Description

Python language has very simple syntax. It is a perfect entry-level programming language for elementary school or middle school students. Also, Python is powerful and widely used in various fields, like big data, artificial intelligence, biology, medical and finance. Python is the favorite programming language of Wall Street. LongWings Education has developed a series of excellent Python courses. The Python Coding I focuses on helping children enter the programming world with easy effort and fun.  What you will learn from this course includes the basic python syntax and important programming concepts, like: variables, selections, loops, list, functions, dictionaries, etc. The form of the course have online lectures, homework and projects. After online explanation of python basic concepts and methods by the teacher, students need complete a lot of carefully designed homework problems which help children master how to apply Python code to solve problems. Projects and exams are also included. Our curriculum content is gradual, vivid and easy to understand, and can make children easily and quickly get started with python programming. After completion of this course, there are a series of advanced courses based on Python. Our goal is to help children learn and love programming.

​Class Time

8/17 - 8/28

Mon - Fri

12pm - 1:30pm

Course Prerequisite

Grade: G4 - G8
Typing Speed: 25 wpm
Hardware:  2-cores CPU, 4G memory
Software: PC/Mac/Linux, Python 3.7 or above, Visual Studio Code
Coding Experience: zero

Course Objectives

Understand how computer works and how Python code works.
Learn Java Syntax and basic coding skills.
Understand the following important coding basic concepts: variables, selections, loops, lists, functions, dictionaries.
Learn how to use python code to solve problem.
Be capable to use python to complete a small project.

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