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Dr. Yang

Level 1

Python Scientific Programming

Why this class?

Riding on emerging technologies in data science and AI, in 2019, Python as has become the most popular computer language. Its ascension is also the cultivated by rich open-source communities. As a testament, currently all major AI software is open-sourced and support Python. This introductory course of Python is a departure from legacy, tedious programming exercises and focus on teaching critical data science and algorithm design principles. The course will focus on teaching object-oriented programming and open-source software engineering, college-level introduction to utilize data structure to effectively analyze machine learning problems. And our course projects will take students to complete exciting AI problems via algorithm design. The 40-hour curriculum will be taught in 20 lecture sessions and 20 lab sessions. Each session offers well-paced and balanced teaching material on three pillars of the course: coding principles, data structure, and AI Algorithms.


Teaching object- oriented programming and open-source



College-level in-depth

structures to analyze big data problems



Course projects take students to complete

via algorithm design

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